Sunday, March 13, 2011

Twelve [end]

I sleep late into the morning. It’s been so long since I slept deeply that I feel trapped, like I want to wake but I can’t, like I’m beneath a sheet of ice on a frozen lake. I claw my way to the surface while the warmth and comfort do their best to drag me back down. As I come to I realize it’s not warmth of comfort from my bed alone.

Riley is wrapped so tightly in my arms it’s a wonder I haven’t suffocated her. Clearly I’ve been clinging to her like a life raft in the night and I’m a little embarrassed to be so needy – and so hard. Her long, lithe body is naked, twisted into mine and my body reacts with the disbelief that I still feel in my heart.

“Morning,” she says without opening her eyes. I almost let go of her, so embarrassed to be caught out with my hard-on spearing the soft flesh of her hip. She rolls experimentally, just a few inches, and stops. Then she giggles.

But she’s sliding underneath me. Her eyes open and they’re beautiful – clear and bright. She pushes my hair back from my face in two handfuls and draws me down to kiss her lips. As she does, she parts her thighs and takes me between them. I’m trembling I’m so ready to be inside her and she doesn’t make me wait.

I realize how nervous I was last night to be with her for the first time. After everything, especially Anna standing in the doorway screaming that I’d never pleased her, it was just another chance for Riley to finally realize that I was not good enough for her. Instead it was incredible. I felt swept away and Riley was right there with me. We had made love, not just had sex, and it had changed things between us yet again.

Riley guides her body down until my tip is just teasing her slit then takes me in. I have to close my eyes against the sweet softness that presses me tight.

“Morning,” I whisper with awe in my voice. It’s another sign that she wants me as much as I want her.

“I was dreaming about you.” She breathes softly, her body stretching to make room for me. I go slowly, more because it feels so intense than wanting to draw it out. I know the minute we are done I’ll be ready to go again.

Once I’m in deep and moving, I lose track of everything but the noises she makes. My mouth is everywhere on her body that I can reach – rolling her nipple between my lips, nipping the tender skin of her neck. She slides her tongue between my lips and matches the pace of my cock inside her. Before long we’re both gasping.

I’m not scared to lose myself. I lost myself to Anna and she used it against me. Riley feels ready to lose herself to me in return. I want to make her see stars, I want to make her scream my name and keep her up for days just flooding her body with pleasure. I want to hold her in my sleep, I want to bring her home to Montreal. I want to sit with her on the couch and pretend to watch TV while I just listen to her breathe.

Kris’s gaze is so intense that I have trouble holding it on the brink of orgasm. He’s so strong, so thick and heavy that he mixes me like batter for a cake. I could have come ten times already but I’m fighting it because I want to go together.

Last night was tremendous – the best first time I’ve ever had with someone. Of course I’ve never known anyone like Kris. He could still be wandering broken through the minefield Anna left, but instead the beads of sweat on his brow say he’s enjoying himself, that he’s enjoying me. I moan without thinking as his hips roll my entire body deep into the soft sheets of his bed.

“Come with me,” I whisper. I can barely take my hands from his incredible hair to feel the flexed muscles of his shoulders and back. I’ll need a lot more nights if I’m to know his body to way I want to.

“Oui,” he says softly. He ramps up his pace, making it harder for me to hold on. I buck and shudder until I lose the fight; he cracks me open like an egg. My hands lock around his thick biceps and I arch my back off the bed. I swear I hear him laugh before it turns into a growl against my neck. He slams up hard four times, coming high and hard deep inside my eager body. When he’s still, his eyes stay open.

“Do you still have that key from last night?” he asks. He’s tossed across me so I can’t move, but just nod yes.

“Good,” he pants. “Keep it.”

Riley wraps her arms tightly around my back. There’s probably something to do or somewhere to be today, maybe even a game tonight. But I settle in as close as I can, close my eyes and drift back to sleep.

-- end --

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  1. I was so bummed when I opened this and saw that it said End! But you ended it perfectly. You are a fabulous writer and you make me fall in love with every story you write, no matter who the characters are! I have been re-reading The Rule recently because I love your writing. Can't wait for the next one!

  2. Absolutley amazing. What a great way to end this. Can't wait to see what you have for us next...a Mike Green inspired one maybe....

    I just posted chapter 1 of my first fan fic I'd love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!:)

  3. you did it again, another fantastic story to add to your repertoire. Fantastic story!! Can't wait to read you're next one!

  4. Very, very sweet! Thank you for writing this!

  5. Sad! I love this story so I'm sad to see it ending so soon. However, it was great and I love all of your stuff! Thanks for keeping me entertained :)

  6. I wasn't expecting it to end so soon, but it ended perfectly! I'm looking forward to see what you have planned next; you never disappoint :)

  7. Awww gorgeous, love the "keep it" line. Can't see what's up next, like Deanna said, you never disappoint :)

  8. I just read this story again for like the millionth time. I hate that it ended so soon though. I love these two together and was thinking you should continue the story. This was a story of how they met and how they got together but what about a year or so from then or a few years later, ya know? Or if you don't want to do a whole story, maybe an epilogue of how their lives are in the future.

  9. Just read this story, here comes the rain again, leave me with a scar,morning after, backstage,in another life, and waking up in Vegas. I love these stories so much but I feel like we are missing out on the rest of the stories. Do you think you could do an epilogue for these stories and show how the characters ended up later down the road? and as I was reading waking up in Vegas, I was wishing that we had Kris' pov for the story and how it was when he saw her in the gym and then when he saw her friend Cynthia. maybe you could do a kinda sequel to that story but really it is the same story but of two different people from the story, you know?